Learning Without Barriers


Learning Without Barriers believes we can’t meet the future by doing what we have done in the past. That the classroom is not the sole domain of education. Learning comes in many forms, and we believe in challenging the age old ideas of education, much of which was designed for a different generation, for different economic situations.

Education is not a matter of pouring information into empty pots, through repetition, drills and lecturing. Education is about learning, discovery and finding out, in order to discover what is within oneself. Students learn using a variety of senses. Many of these senses are not used in a classroom, but are developed in other environments.

Many brilliant people think they are not because of the social conditioning of an academic view of intelligence. People like Albert Einstien, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, and Thomas Edison, were all considered to be failures at school, due to their learning environment which was not conducive to their way of learning. We understand that classroom-based training is not the only way to learn. Learning can take place through a variety of mediums, and can be in the workplace, at home, through mentoring, or by giving guidance and facilitation, rather than teaching.

Developing the skills, knowledge and competencies of people is an investment and in this ever-changing world, continual learning will ensure that you stay ready for the future.

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